Unix Command Line


  1. ipconfig vs ifconfig

Useful programs

headSee first n lines of file
tailSee last n lines of file
sortSort the output
lessA filter for paging through text one screenful at a time
suSwitch user
shredSecurely remove file by overwriting and removing
whichShows the path of the command
rsyncscp but better for SSH access moving files
scpSecure Copy Protocol
sourceSource shell vars
lnLink folders
topShow process, memory etc
timeHow long a process takes to run
cutcut columns from a file
awkProgramming language built for text processing (Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan (authors))
sedSame as awk (Stream editor)
uniqFilter unique
columnRemedy ugly output by spacing with columns
findFind file (like want -name or -iname flag)
diff,commDiff or find commonality between two files
trTranslate - also useful with "-d" flag to delete
splitSplit a file up
nlNumbered line
yesPrints character "y"
crontabUsed to run cron jobs
aproposDisplay related commands to arg. French "à propos" which means appropriate.
watchUse to monitor
digDNS lookup utility
ifconfigNetwork information

Downloaded, Useful Programs

rgFast grep search
batA modern cat
codemodMulti-file search and replace
treeShow file tree
tmuxSessions, windows and panes