Keystone Habit

Continuous interviewing is a keystone habit for continuous discovery.

Deliberate Practice

Ericsson argues, when it comes to developing skill, doing the skill over and over again only helps to improve your skill until it becomes automatic.

After that, if you want to improve, you need to focus on deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice has the following key attributes:

  • It involves breaking a skill into its component steps.
  • It requires focus—your full attention.
  • It requires feedback.
  • It requires getting outside your comfort zone.

Your job is a marathon, your practice needs to be a sprint.

Required Knowledge For Effective Application

  • Learn how to ask the right interview questions so that you get actionable insight from your prospects and customers.
  • Learn how to improve your active listening skills and take better notes during the interviews.
  • Learn how to synthesize what you are learning from each interview using interviews snapshots, making it easy for you to act on what you are learning.
  • Learn how to automate the recruiting process, removing the biggest hurdle to continuous interviewing.