PlanetScale - Useful Commands


  1. PlanetScale - How to seed a database with Prisma and Next.js
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  3. PlanetScale - org CLI commands
  4. PlanetScale - branching

Working with Prisma on NPM projects

These scripts are designe for a "staging" branch on PlanetScale.

After creating a new database, create that staging branch on PlanetScale.

# Creating the app + branch $ pscale db create <APP> --region <REGION> $ pscale branch create <APP> staging

Note: You many also need to switch organisation with pscale org switch <ORGANIZATION_NAME>.

Then update package.json to the following:

{ "scripts": { "pscale:migrate": "NODE_ENV=production dotenv-flow npx prisma db push --preview-feature", "pscale:connect": "NODE_ENV=development dotenv-flow pscale connect wol-dev staging --port 3309" } }

Run npm run pscale:connect in one terminal and npm run pscale:migrate in another. This will bring things up to date if successful.

For seeding, you can run NODE_ENV=production dotenv-flow npx prisma db seed.

Promoting staging to main

The following can be used to promoto a database branch.

$ pscale branch promote <DATABASE_NAME> <BRANCH_NAME> # ...

So to promote staging:

$ pscale branch promote <DATABASE_NAME> staging # ...