Developer Notes#

A list of developer notes over the years by Dennis O'Keeffe.

These are my own personal notes and not necessarily formatted to please anyone in particular - just to help refresh my mind under the right scenario.

Note that some of these notes also cover old courses I have undertaken. If those notes are of use to you, please consider finding the original resource and contributing.


Some of the incredibly long markdown files having issues loading with Docz. Over time I will break those files down into smaller components as a fix.

Running locally#

Pull the repo and run yarn install. This repo using docz and there are two npm scripts to help you run local development and build the repo.

"scripts": {
"start": "yarn docz dev",
"build": "docz build"


I will continue adding new notes as I continue learning.

Given that docz supports mdx, I will likely begin adding in some React components where relevant to help with more interactive learning.

Some of these notes are getting old or are badly formatted. I plan on updating those as they become relevant.


Feel free to contribute. Make a pull request and I will double check you aren't spreading anything malicious to the humans of planet Earth.


Catch me infrequently on Twitter @d_okeeffe.

Developer Notes