AWS Certified Big Data


These are some of the services we will touch base with:

CollectionGreengrass, IoT, DMS, Kinesis, Snowball, Direct Connect
StorageS3, Glacier, DynamoDB
ProcessingGlue, EMR, AML, Lambda, Sagemaker, Big Data Tools, Data Pipeline
SecurityIAM, CloudTrail
AnalysisElasticSearch Service, RedShift, Kinesis Analytics, Athena

The course will follow the "data dispatch" pipeline to give you an idea of what we can do.

Exam Requirements

The exam tests:

  1. Tech skills and experience needed to design and implement AWS services to derive value from data.
  2. Implement core AWS Big Data services according to basic architectural best practices.
  3. Design and maintain Big Data solutions.
  4. Leverage tools to automate Data Analysis.