Refactoring UI - Principles

What are some core principles when starting from scratch?

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Startin from scratch

  1. Start with a feature, not a layout
  2. Detail comes later
  3. Don't design too much
  4. Choose a personality
  5. Limit your choices

Hierarchy is everything

  1. Not all elements are equal
  2. Size isn't everything
  3. Don't use grey text on coloured backgrounds
  4. Emphasize by de-emphasizing
  5. Labels are a last resort
  6. Separate visual hierarchy from document hierarcy (?)
  7. Balance weight and contrast
  8. Semantics are secondary (?)

Layout and spacing

  1. Start with too much white space
  2. You don't have to fill the whole screen
  3. Grids are overrated
  4. Relative sizing does not scale
  5. Avoid ambiguous spacing

Design text

  1. Establish a type scale
  2. Use good fonts
  3. Keep your line length in check
  4. Baseline, not center
  5. Line-height is proportional
  6. Not every link needs a color
  7. Align with readability in mind
  8. Use letter-spacing effectively

Working with color

  1. Ditch hex for HSL
  2. You need more colours than you think
  3. Define your shades up front
  4. Don't let lightness kill your saturation
  5. Greys don't have to be grey
  6. Accessible doesn't have to mean ugly
  7. Don't rely on color alone

Creating depth

  1. Emulate a light source
  2. Use shadows to convey elevation
  3. Shadows can have two parts
  4. Even flat designs can have depth
  5. Overlap elements to create layers

Working with Images

  1. Use good photos
  2. Text needs consistent contrast
  3. Everything has an intended size
  4. Beware user-uploaded content

Finishing Touches

  1. Supercharge the defaults
  2. Add color with accent borders
  3. Decorate your backgrounds
  4. Don't overlook empty states
  5. Use fewer borders
  6. Think outside the box

Leveling Up

  1. Look for decisions you would not have made
  2. Rebuild your favourite interfaces