AWS Fargate With ECS

This is a quick walkthrough that was done using Linux Academy.

Steps to complete

  1. Log into the console
  2. Head to ECS
  3. Head the Task Definitions
  4. Select Fargate and go next
  5. We don't need a Task Role since there are no AWS network tasks
  6. Since we are just creating an NGINX container, set the allocation for CPU and memory to the lowest
  7. Add a container and set it to be nginx:latest
  8. Memory limit 300mb
  9. Set Port mappings to 80 for Nginx
  10. Click add, scroll to the bottom and head to the next page
  11. After creating, we can now run our task (from the drop down)
  12. Launch type, select Fargate
  13. Select the VPC, Subnets etc
  14. Auto-enable Fargate IP
  15. Run the task
  16. Once task it running, click the task and copy the IP

Bingo! Success in creating a task using Fargate.