14: Network Storage

EFS Architecture

Moving from EBS to EFS is tending towards more stateless applications on EC2.

  • EFS is an implementation of NFSv4.
  • EFS Filesystems can be mounted in Linux.
  • Shared between many EC2 Instances.
  • Private service, via mount targets inside a VPC.
  • Can be accessed from on-premises - VPC or DX (Direct Connect).

EBS is block storage, EFS is file storage.

EFS Architecture

  • EFS runs within a VPC.
  • POSIX Permissions Filesystem.
  • EFS is available within the VPC via Mount Targets.
  • To ensure HA, you need to create mount targets within multiple Availability Zones.
  • Mount targets are used by instances to connect.

Things to notes about EFS

  • Only available for Liunx.
  • Two modes: General Purpose (web apps, etc. - default) and Max I/O (highly parallel - tradeoff of increased latency in exchange for better throughput and IOPS).
  • Bursting (like gp2) and Provisioned Throughput (like io1) Modes.

There are two storage classes:

  1. Standard
  2. Infrequent Access