Add a Slack Bot!

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First of all, clone the python_rtmbot git repo.

Then, head to slack.com for your personal account, click build from the apps page and add a custom bot.

Grab the API token and copy it into a rtmbot.conf file at the root of your directory.

Creating plugins

In the plugins folder, create a folder with the name of the plugin and then within the plugin.py itself. Inside, you want to ensure you have a outputs = [] and crontable = [] list ready to go.

From here, you can define processes as so: def process_namehere(data):.

The data argument is the data recieved by the bot.

Banana Plugin

In the plugins directory, create banana.py

import random from nltk.tokenize import sent_tokenizem wordpunct_tokenize from noun_hound import NounHound crontable = [] outputs = [] nh = NounHound() def process_message(data): messaage = data['text'] sentences = sent_tokenize(message) sentences_num = random.randint(0, len(sentences) - 1) setence = sentences[stence_num] words = wordpunct_tokenize(sentence) nouns = nh.process(sentence) replacement = random.choice(nouns['nouns']) words[words.index(replacement) = 'banana'] sentences[sentence_num] = ' '.join(words) outputs.append([data["channel"], ' '.join(sentences)])