Unity Basics

The initial default layout is the initial arrangement. You can change the layout on the top right.


The hierarchy is on the left side of the screen. It's the list of objects in the scene.

The bottom part is full of the assets.

The main screen has the scene and game views that allow you to see different perspectives.

There are also a number of different preset values that you can use as well.

You can also use the tab and drag to rearrange the view.

Scene View - Navigation and Positioning

A quick navigation is to right click and use the arrows to move around. You can also use the mouse to change the direction of view.

F key after selecting an object will focus in on the object.

You can orbit by holding alt and dragging.

Position Tools
Q: Pan
W: Move
E: Rotate
R: Scale

Scene View Controls

The scene gizmo is the viewing angle at the top right.

The shaded dropdown is to switch between different dropdowns.

The lighting is good for checking scenes that are or are not dark.

You can use the gizmos dropdown to switch between gizmos.

You can use the search box in order to find elements quickly.

The Game View

The game view will show what the game will look like at the end.

You can select 2 by 3 to see a view of everything.

The Toolbar