21: Exam Preparation

Main Exam Prep

Last-Minute Review

  • Great idea to through exam tips the day before the exam. Focus on areas least comfortable with.
  • Practice exam. Run through them a lot.
  • Take a break. Don't think about AWS for a bit.

What happens when you are stuck?

  • Search for the answer yourself.
  • Try to build it in an actual AWS account.
  • Check AWS FAQs.
  • Post in the ACG Forum.

Taking Notes

  • Sometimes a drawing form is a great way to take notes.
  • AWS Architecture Center is a great resource. Think of it like best practice.
  • There are reference architecture diagrams on the website.

Tackling Exam Questions

Question Strategy

  1. Spot the distractors.
  2. Watch out for modifiers "most", "least", etc.
  3. The word soup is never right! If it makes you laugh, it's wrong.
  4. Word association is your friend.
  5. Read every answer at least once.

Booking The Certification Exam

Two booking options:

  1. In-Person
  2. Virtual


  • Show up with 2 forms of ID.
  • Privacy. You'll be watched by an actual person.


  • Take the exam from the comfort of your own home.
  • Ensure your space is neat and tidy.
  • Watch you through your webcam and will monitor your desktop.

Test Results

  • Minimum passing score is 720 out of 1000.
  • Results come straight after exam.
  • Detailed Breakdown will give you a high-level breakdown.

Booking the website

  • Head to https://aws.training.
  • You'll be corrected to the correct page.
  • Schedule new test. What's the difference with PSI vs Pearson Vue? Just choose the availability you want.

Preparing For Remote Exams

  1. You can't wear hats or hoodies.
  2. Stay within webcam view.
  3. No one can enter or leave the testing environment.
  4. You can't mumble, talk aloud, or mouth anything as you take the exam.
  5. Drinks are allowed, but no food or smoking is permitted.
  • Take some photos of your environment.
  • "Before the test" - ensure you download the required software.