Making LoFi Beats


  1. SkillShare Course

What to know about LoFi

  • Beats are "off the grid" - not-so quantised and with swing.
  • Grit is good: add satuation, distortion and roll off the high ends (as if pulled of the record).
  • Add in some vinyl effects, etc.
  • Want it to sound like it is coming off analog gear: lots of distortion, bit-crushing, etc. and not super pristine.
  • Not many elements. Might "seem empty" but you add atmosphere, characters etc. through the elements.

"Know the rules before you can break them." - advice on LoFi.

LoFi Melody

  • Jazzy gears.
  • Normally a loop.
  • Warped and chopped up.
  • Old soul records. You can hide other record drums etc. with a few techniques.

Melody Effects

There is an an effect rack that comes with the tutorial that helps with adding some basic elements. It is used for the piano sound.

Melody Chops

Chopping up the loop.

  • Look for filler notes and parts for the end of a measure.
  • Add big melody pieces.

Right click and slice to new midi track.

Drums overview

  • Not about being synchronised on the grid - intentional bop and swing. Feel a bit late.
  • Snares with highs rolled off and rimshots. Not really crisp. Mainly acoustic. Need a real element.
  • Drum patterns are not very complicated. Very similar across the board.
  • Can't hide under trap snares. Could be a simple 18th note high hat (or even less).