Why should you care about SEO?

Three reasons why SEO still matters

  1. You meet people in their moment of need.
  2. Content creation efforts are cumulative.
  3. It can be approached systematically.

The Compound Effect of SEO

Key words helps to add up.

There is an example about a website that has an estimated value of $45k per month.


  • SEO != privacy invasive

How Search Works

The focus is on on-site SEO:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO

How Google Works In A Nutshell

  1. Site added to crawl queue
  2. Crawl (Googlebot), adds links to crawl queue.
  3. Render queue.
  4. Render again (WRS, Chromium).
  5. Added to an index named Caffeine.

From The User Perspective

  1. A user searches something.
  2. The ranking is order based on ranking factors.
  3. User signals:
    1. Dwell time.
    2. Click-through-rate (CTR).
    3. Core Web Vitals.
  1. Crawl
  2. Render
  3. Index
  4. Search
  5. Serve/Rank
  6. Click

The first three are the initial parts of technical SEO.