Elastic Compute Cloud

EC2 Instance Types

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  1. EC2 Instance Types
  2. EC2 Instances

EC2 Instance Connect vs SSH

To use SSH, you'll need to create a key pair from the EC2 console.

To enable all URLs used by AWS, you can check IP Ranges to greenlight on the security group.

Storage Refresher

Storage terms:

  • Direct (local) attached Storage - Storage on the EC2 Host (known as an instance store).
  • Network attached Storage - Volumes delivered on the network (EBS).
  • Ephemeral Storage - Temporary storage.
  • Persistent Storage - lives on past the lifetime of the instance.
  • Block Storage - Volume presented to the OS as a collection of blocks, no structure provided. Mountable. Bootable.
  • File Storage - Presented as a file share, has structure. Mountable. NOT Bootable.
  • Object Storage - collection of objects, flat. Not mountable. Not bootable.

Storage performance:

  • IO (block) Size: "Size of the wheels."
  • IOPS: "Speed of the engine of the racecar."
  • Throughput: "End speed of a racecar."

All must operate together. IO (block) Size x IOPS = Throughput.

  • IO block size is the size of blocks that you are writing to disk (16K, 64K, 1MEG, etc).
  • IOPS is the number of operations that it can accomodate per second that you can perform on the disk.
  • Throughput is the rate of data a storage system can store on a certain storage.

If you have a block size of 16KB and can perform 100IOPS then it can achieve 1.6MB/s as throughput.

Elastic Block Store (EBS)

  • Provides block storage - raw disk allocations (volume) - can be encrypted using KMS.
  • Instances see a block device and create a file system on this device.
  • Provised in ONE AZ only (resilient in that AZ).
  • Attached to one* EC2 instances (or other service) over a storage network.
  • Detached and reattached. Not lifecycle lined to one instance, so it is persistent.
  • Snapshot (backup) into S3. Create volume from snapshot (migrate between AZs).
  • Different physical storage types, different sizes, different performance profiles.
  • Billed based on GB-month (and in some cases performance).