Intro to After Effects course


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  • The course will the use the Standard view (under Window > Workspace > Standard).
  • Tools panel is to the top along the bar below the tool bar.
  • Left-hand side is the project window which contains all the assets.
  • Down the bottom is the timeline.
  • The main area is the "composition window".
  • The right-hand side is the "properties window".
  • When creating a new composition, it is incredibly important to match the frame rate.
  • The proportion grid is a great tool to have up for lower thirds.

Part one completes with a few boxes added with text on the grid that will fit everything.

Part two

This part teaches more about keyframing.

  • Demonstrates how to make keyframes.
  • Speaks to the graph editor for easing.
  • You can select multiple layers at once to set the key frames. This can also be edited by dragging them all away!
  • The example staggers the rectangles position keyframes.
  • Using null objects, we can parent other layers to it so that it can control those layers.
  • It is easier to setup parent-child relationships when there is a relationship between the "movement" of a property in a group.
  • u shows keyframe data for a composition only.

Part Three

This section focuses on text editing.

  • Left square bracket changes the start of a composition layer to the playhead.
  • The animate selector on the main composition panel under the target text layer adds the animation.
  • Source text can be referenced using a "pick whip".

Part Four

Secondary (or embellished) motion. This has been done after we did the "layout" and the "priamry motion".