Hill Charts


We don't storypoint or do velocity with Shape Up. Tasks themselves can't be allocated numbers. It is about complexity and confidence.

The idea is that over time the unknowns are gone and estimates become believable.

Gives you a bird's eye view of what's moving forward with confidence.

The idea is that this is driven by scopes. Example high-level scopes:

  1. Added Request Feedback CTA to RHS
  2. Team Leads can request feedback
  3. Navigation changes
  4. Update inbox notifications
  5. Share feedback with manager
  6. Tidy feedback form

Rating the hill

From unknown to known, you can think to split this hill into six stages.

  1. We've thought about this
  2. We've validated our approach
  3. We've built enough that we believe there are no other unknows
  4. We know what we need to build and are making progress
  5. We're about halfway there
  6. We're almost done