Product Considerations

This is a list of important things to consider for the web products.


Illusion of choice. Choose useful, well thoughout choices that you can backtrack easily.

  • Payment handling: Stripe
  • Initial framework: React
  • Forms: react-final-form
  • Use GraphQL to adapt API layers
  • Containers with Docker
  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Managed containers with Fargate
  • Themeable design systems
  • i18n compatible
  • Prime accessibility
  • Bundler with Webpack
  • Ensure components handle all scenarios
  • Consider using Playroom
  • Storybook for interactive usecases
  • Consider README.md markdown for each file
  • Consider create docs file for each
  • a11y considerations and way to test
  • Browser tests with Cypress
  • Check performance with Puppeteer
  • Cross-compatible components
  • Analytics
  • Event emitters
  • Mobile-first
  • Changelog
  • Git pre-commit hooks + linters
  • JSX levelling for components should go Page > Component levelling with max levelling being 3 deep

Design Systems

  • Consider design tokens

Product Discovery

  • What is MVP?
  • What is the problem space?
  • How has the product been validated?