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Virtual Devices

Genymotion is useful to grab a bunch of different emulators for Android and come with a personal use or paid license.

The device version and Genymotion may need to be aligned, so to do so, create a new Virtual Device.

This can be easily done by selecting Create, choosing a device and then naming it to something useable like reactnative.

Testing the app on the emulator

To do so, first run the emulator. After the emulator is up and running, use react-native run-android on the CLI to start the app. The CLI will respond if there are any errors.

Uploading to the Google Play Store


General Notes

Running a build from the IDE will generally give better support for debugging issues and auto-updating code.

Some errors I've come across:

error: could not install *smartsocket* listener: Address already in useEnsure socket not in use eg no gulp watch
Component Install errorUpdate your install for android/build.gradle (look for buildToolsVersion) - Android Studio can automate this for you
Could not get BatchedBridge, make sure your nundle is packaged correctlyRun react-native start from the CLI and reload app
UNMET PEER DEPENDENCYrm -rf node-modules/ && npm cache clear && npm install
protected boolean getUseDeveloperSupport() issueChange protected to public (Java Error)
@providesModule naming collisionIf caused by react-native-router-flux -> update or search Github
Full cache resetwatchman watch-del-all && rm -rf node_modules/ && npm cache clean && npm install && npm start -- --reset-cache

react-native-router-flux issues

This one was a bit tricky - some useful Github pages:

https://github.com/aksonov/react-native-router-flux/issues/1803 https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/13390 https://github.com/react-community/react-navigation/issues/923 https://github.com/aksonov/react-native-router-flux/issues/1816

General React Native Commands

  • react-native upgrade - upgrade the files being used
  • react-native-git-upgrade - newer upgrade (needs to be install globally first)

Issues with React/ build path in Xcode?


Other issues

  • Ensure Cocoapods is up to date sudo gem install cocoapods